200x Fewer Resources

No Changes to the Application

Compatible with All SQL Engines

Verdict significantly reduces the query processing cost of existing databases by exploiting the state-of-the-art techniques from statistics and approximate query processing.

By using Verdict, you can experience "truly interactive" data analytics at scale, even when your cluster is used by hundreds of other users processing massive datasets.

Answer by Impala in 350 seconds

Answer by Verdict in 2 seconds

99.9% Identical

Verdict's highly accurate, resource-efficient answers—available within a few seconds—enable continuous data exploration and data mining with confidence.

No Changes to Databases

Verdict is a query accelerator standing between your application and your SQL engine, whether it is a traditional DBMS or a modern SQL-on-Hadoop. Your application can simply issue the same queries but have the option of receiving an approximate answer instantly or waiting for an exact answer.

Runs On All SQL-based Engines

Verdict can run on any database that supports standard SQL (both traditional and modern). We already have drivers for Apache Hive, Apache Impala, Apache Spark, and Amazon Redshift. We are also in the process of adding drivers for many other databases too (Google BigQuery, HP Vertica, Oracle, Teradata, MS SQL Server, and so on). If you are using a database that is not on this list, please email us and we will happily add a driver for your database too.

Ease of Use, and Security

Using Verdict requires almost zero setup: no servers, no port configurations, no extra user authentication, etc. Verdict simply issues rewritten SQL queries to your databases on behalf of the user or application. Verdict relies on secure protocols to communicate with the databases.