Interactive, Approximate Queries on Big Data

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Let's Make Big Data Interactive!

Run your query 200x faster by only sacrificing 1% accuracy!*

Verdict gives you approximate results for your big data queries in a fraction of time needed to calculate the exact results.

It gives you the power to trade a little amount of accuracy with a huge amount of speedup, when you can tolerate a small error and need a fast answer.

* Certain conditions apply.

Exact answer: 247

Approximate answer: 250 ± 5

No need to change your database, nor your applications

Verdict is a middleware standing between your app and your database. You can just issue the same queries on the existing database as before and get approximate answers right away.

Off course, you will be able to run exact queries too!

Independent from DBMS

It is possible to use Verdict with any SQL database. Verdict doesn't rely on any specific DBMS. If we don't have a driver for your favorite DBMS, you can easily write it yourself.

We already have drivers for Spark SQL, Hive and Impala. We'll soon add drivers for some other popular databases...

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Verdict is developed and maintained by:

Yongjoo Park

pyongjoo [at]

Barzan Mozafari

mozafari [at]

Shahab Tajik

tajik [at]