Use a different interface depending on your language preference (Java or Python).

Note: Python interface is currently in preparation.


One of the following three methods can be used:

  1. Maven
  2. Using a pre-compiled jar
  3. Build yourself


If you use Apache Maven for your project’s dependency management, adding the following dependency entry to your pom.xml is all you need to do to use VerdictDB.


Download a Pre-compiled Jar

You only need a single jar file. This jar file is compiled with JDK8.

Download: verdictdb-core-0.5.4-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Build Yourself

  1. Clone from our Github public repository. Use command
     git clone
  2. Change directory to the directory to the repository you have cloned. Use command,
     cd verdictdb
  3. Build the jar file by maven. Use command
     mvn -DskipTests -DtestPhase=false -DpackagePhase=true clean package

    Check the target directory for the created jar files.

    Since Maven requires JDK. Please make sure you have installed JDK. You can use command

     javac -version

    to check your java compiler version. The output should look like this

     $ javac -version
     javac 1.8.0_171-1-ojdkbuild

    If not, please install JDK first and then use maven to build the file.


This is in preparation.